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  • 6IX Degrees Announces Opening Night Act


    New to the North Coast nightlife scene, 6IX Degrees – the brainchild of Tamarai’s Ayman Baky and Ahmed Beltagy – has been on every Cairene clubber’s lips over the last two months, with the new bar set to open its doors on Wednesday 30th of July.


    I don’t know about you, but I have a month of pent-up debauchery that needs to be unleashed during Eid and Baky and co have obliged with a perfect musical remedy; cap-wearing, finger-gunning cool French G-House dudes, Amine Edge and Dance.

    Located in Hacienda Bay, the bar has also recruited Shady Ezz to flex his DJing prowess for what is set to be a spectacular opening night.

    Check out ticket prices below.

    Bar: 200LE
    VIP Bar: 300LE

    High Table (10+): 250
    Lounge (15+): 300

    VIP High Table (10+): 350LE
    VIP Lounge (15+): 350LE

    Super VIP Lounge (20+): 350LE

    Call 012-2456-6666.