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  • 35 = 7

    Odd when you think of it, that it has almost been a little over 7 years since Club 35 has opened its doors in the capital. Odd how time flies by.

    Well this Tuesday, in a very private event 35 is celebrating its 7th anniversary, with invites coming from Aly Ghoneim himself.

    The celeberation also comes part of the major effort 35 recently has been putting to bring itself back to the glory days. A few weeks ago friends of cg went to the place, and I have been told they were super tough on the door they wouldn’t let in all of the group, who are actually decent. But those who entered on that weekend said the place was nice chilled and relaxed.

    Their would be special deco and changing of the style of 35 for this socialite studded event. So if you have recieved your personal invite its recommended you head down there.