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  • 2 Amicified events

    its only barely the second day of the year and amici already announced two new events !!!

    First is the expected Amici Christmas Fever, on the 7th of January. for the mere price of 300 l.e. you will get an open bar !! with the tunes of DJ FEKO



    Then now well Amici is on the BRUNCH to do list, advantage of this …. is well its in zamalik so its walking distance to a number of people who choose to laze around on friday in zamalik … i.e. coffee bean, so ladies and gents add some baileys to your coffee and enjoy a brunch in Amici this friday with the AMICI BRUNCH CURE  ..  and this is a proper brunch with omelets and all !!

     relax while enjoying a  delicious brunch buffet for 100LE ++! Think amazing homemade biscuits and gravy, omelettes, pancakes, fresh fruit and more! they’ll also be having 20LE bloody marys and mimosas for you to enjoy while eating as well as our full cocktail menu.



    call 01093323333  to reserve for any of the events