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  • 1 Year of Casual Mondays



    1 year of Casual Monday, and as this picture says it … WHY GO to Casual Mondays in the First place? Why do people keep going back to it ?  Well simply put ITS JUST PURE FUN !!!!!

    This coming MONDAY !!! THE CASUAL MONDAYS WILL TURN 1 !!! Yes one whole year of CMing us (not CUMing)

    and well this Monday think AMR HOSNY on the decks with live Violinist, and it will take place in club 35.

    i dont know what way other than showing you in pictures, how to describe the hotness that is CM.


    ( all pictures are courtesy of CAIROZOOM www.cairozoom.com )

    First CM @ Buddha Bar

    Casual Monday Goes to Club 35

    Another 35 CM 

    Season 2 is back on !!! 

    And a CM with TOYBOYs in INDIGO !