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  • 15 Minutes of Fame: Exclusive Party Set to Take Place…Somewhere


    Every now and again, we get sent cryptic messages telling us of exclusive events – the latest of which comes in the form of ‘ 15 Minutes of Fame’.

    Intrigued? You should be.

    A brainchild of Venture Productions‘, this super-exclusive, invite-only event is set to whisk Cairenes back to the 60s and the sexually ambiguous, pop-art world of Warhol and the Factory – his infamous studio/playground of all things fabulous and bizarre.

    And when I say super-exclusive, you’ll understand when I tell you that the location of the party is top-secret. But with live music, wonderfully-Warhol art, a healthy open-bar and an ‘eccentric’ dresscode, this is set to be rather unique – and let’s face it, Cairo’s nightlife could do with something different, even if for one night.

    Usually, at this point, I’d say something to the effect of “stay tuned for more info…” but I’m not too sure I can get away with revealing anymore…