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  • 14 Mid-week Parties: A-Squared, The Whiskey Foundation, DJ Feedo, Latefall, RamyDJunkie & More

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    To us, it’s not just the middle of the week; it’s the time when we break all the rules, and try out all those new dance moves, at some of the hottest bars and clubs around Cairo. Check out some of the events happening around Cairo, and prepare yourself for a funked-up mid-week.

    1) Cairo Big Band Society @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Monday 12/3)


    A jazzy night is always needed, and it can only be perfect with Cairo Big Band Society, who will be taking to the stage at CJC 610.


    2) A Squared & Co. ft. Oriol (Visiting) @ Cairo Jazz Club (Monday 12/3)


    The event everyone was looking forward to is finally here! A-Squared is back, and will be firing it up with DJ Oriol at CJC.


    3) VIR Vol.4 @ The Garden Nile Front (Monday 12/3)


    The Garden Nile Front’s VIR event is back for a 4th time; this edition will feature Magdy Shahin, Double Trouble, M.Sam and E.Trek.


    4) Oldies & Jazz Party @ Gŭ Bar (Monday 12/3)


    Old is definitely gold, and DJ NENiO will, without a doubt, be bringing golden music to Gu Bar’s decks.


    5) Jam Night ft. Guns ‘N’ Burgers @ The Tap East (Monday 12/3)


    The Tap East is giving you a chance to bring out the rock star in you and Jam all night long, with Guns & Burgers.


    6) Tuesday After Work Affair ft. Sewwes @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 13/3)


    CJC 610’s famous Tuesday After Work Affair continues to serve the best food, the booziest drinks, as well as some hypnotic tunes courtesy of the amazing DJ, Sewwes.


    7) Basementality ft. SHAFEI @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 13/3)


    Basementality strikes again with another session but, this time round, DJ Shafei will be shuffling through some hip sets.


    8) Latefall / Hussein Sherbini @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 13/3)


    Cairo Jazz Club will witness an experimental electronic night with DJs Latefall and Hussein Sherbini.


    9) Elementary ft. Mo Omran, DJ Marry and Goblin @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 13/3)


    Elementary isn’t just ongoing, it’s also tripling the fun with DJs Mo Omran, Marry and Goblin, and free entry for girls at The Garden Nile Front.


    10) R&B Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 13/3)


    Who doesn’t love going to Gu Bar every Tuesday to enjoy the king of Hip Hop and RnB, DJ Feedo?


    11) Taxi El Sahra ft. RamyDjunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 14/3)


    CJC is mixing things up this Wednesday, by giving you a dose of oriental tunes courtesy of their “Taxi El Sahra” night, coupled with a dose of madness courtesy of RamyDJunkie.


    12) Bluezophrenia @ The Tap West (Wednesday 14/3)


    Bluezophrenia is hitting The Tap West with some jazzy and rocky tunes.


    13) The Cadillacs / The Whiskey Foundation (visiting) @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 14/3)


    CJC 610 always makes the best out of Wednesdays! This time, two of everyone’s favourite bands are here; The Cadillacs and The Whiskey Foundation.


    14) Soul M @ The Tap East (Wednesday 14/3)


    Prepare your hips for some serious dancing, over the Hip Hop and R&B tunes of DJ Soul M at The Tap East.


    By Sara Mosharef