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  • 14 Insane Parties Happening Midweek

    COVER - Paul Thomas, Hazem Beltagiu, Ashmawy @ CJC 610 - 19.04.2018-2-2

    Summer is here, which means all parties are getting way hotter! We’re not talking about the weekend parties; in fact, midweek parties are now as enjoyable as the ones you wait for at the end of a hectic week. Check this list and choose where you’re going after work.


     1.       Miesh / A.K @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 3/7)


    Midweek parties are always different at CJC 610, this is something we don’t necessarily have to tell you. So head there and enjoy both DJs Miesh and A.K for some insane music.


     2.       Basementality Ft. Ouzo @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 3/7)


    How can the Basement – Urban Pub quit their famous Basementality party when it’s everyone’s favourite? Simple answer, they can’t! This time around, they’re welcoming DJ Ouzo on the decks.


     3.       Golden Tuesday Feat Soul M @ 24K (Tuesday 3/7)


    The usual Golden Tuesday is still happening at 24k, and of course no one is taking over but the golden man himself, Soul M.


     4.       Game Night @ The Tap (East, West, Maadi) (Tuesday 3/7)


    If you’re not in the mood for a party, but you still need to have fun; then all you have to do is take your buddies and head to any of The Tap branches and just enjoy a night full of games.


     5.       R&B/Hip-Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 3/7)


    This week we thought Gu Bar was forgetting all the beautiful ladies, but no, not this time, not ever. DJ Feedo is still hiding there and will be dropping some R&B and hip-hop music.

     6.       Procession Towards The Unknown / Kubbara @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 3/7)


    Performances are happening at CJC this Tuesday with musician and producer KUBBARA, and the unique band Procession Towards The Unknown.


     7.       Float All Night Long @ The Garden Nile Front (Tuesday 3/7)


    This one is for all The Garden Nile Front’s usual guests. They are planning one hell of a midweek party with one of the best DJs in the field, A. Salah. You, however, need an invitation to share this fun night with them.


     8.       Tuesdays @ Music Zone (Tuesday 3/7)


    Music Zone is back in the game and their epic Tuesdays are still happening, with their resident DJs Wesso and Rika who always make sure everyone is moving their body.


     9.       Taxi El Sahra ft. Ramy Djunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 4/7)


    This is a night that needs no introduction! Taxi El Sahra is back everyone, and of course DJunkie –as always – is the one in charge.


     10.   Karaoke @ Basement – Urban Pub (Wednesday 4/7)


    If DJs aren’t the ones freeing the singer inside of us, then all you need is a karaoke night at the Basement – Urban Pub; just show them what you got.


     11.   DJ Fedde @ The Tap East (Wednesday 4/7)


    We heard that DJ Fedde is going to tune us in with everything that we love about hip-hop and R&B music. If this is true, you shouldn’t miss this party.


     12.   Layalina ft. Mahmoud El Laithy @ Gŭ Bar (Wednesday 4/7)


    Do you know what you truly need to forget about all the work dramas? An oriental night! And there are no better oriental nights than the ones Gu Bar hosts. Head there and dance with the belly dancer over Mahmoud El Laithy’s sha3by songs.


     13.   Omar Emara / The Woopeckers @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 4/7)


    All the pop and rock n’ roll covers you need to hear will be performed by The Woodpeckers and Omar Emara at CJC 610.


     14.   Rewind ft. The Riff Band @ The Tap West


    Seems like The Tap West will be taking us back to the golden days every week, and this time, their Rewind party will see The Riff band spreading some cool jazzy vibes.

    By Sara Mosharef