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  • 12 Tips on How to Throw A Great House Party


    Have you ever got bored of spending so much money on a party that you probably didn’t have that much fun attending? Or, have you ever felt like you need the party to come right to you, in your own house, under your own roof? Well, we need to tell you that it’s the easiest thing to achieve, and to be honest house parties are the f***ing best. Here are all the questions you needed an answer to, in order to host the next hot house party.


    1) Where are you going to have the party?



    As you know, in order to have fun, you need the whole gang under the same roof, so you need a place with a roof, a view, and a large space. Preferably a rooftop so you won’t be bothering the neighbours, or having them call the police and cause you trouble.


    2) Who’s getting the drinks?


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    Don’t you ever let it slip that you’re willing to buy the drinks, let everyone bring their favourite drink with them. That way you can drink all types of alcohol, all types of them! Also, you get to do some serious savings and hijack all your friend’s drinks. Consider it a tax for coming to the party.


    3) What are you going to do with the furniture?


    To be honest, we can’t tell you that you won’t need it, but at least you won’t need all of it, if you know what we mean *wink* You should probably leave the trashy couches for them, and save up the rest of the furniture in a room people won’t enter (lock it and throw away the key).


    4) Do you treasure anything in the house?

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    As we all know, when someone gets drunk he/she doesn’t exactly know what they’re doing, so if you love something so much, just hide it! This means your grandma’s carpet should be anywhere else other than where the party is at, because someone will most probably vomit, throw a cig like a filthy animal, or even spill some nasty smelling alcohol.


    5) Who are you inviting?

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    If you want this party to be epic, you need to invite your gang and everyone who you are 100% sure they’ll love the atmosphere, we don’t want anyone to ruin the party man! Get the hardcore parties people!


    6) How are you going to invite everyone?


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    Facebook events are for wussies, call them, and get confirmations. Create a WhatsApp group, list the house rules and have them confirm again, do what it takes to make sure the party is going to be a blast.


    7) What music are you choosing?


    We’re diplomatic little f****ers, so we suggest you create a shared google document and have people put their favourite tracks (max 3). Have them put something dicey!


    8) What is the essential for the party?


    Speakers should be on the top of the list, if the music isn’t high/rich enough, nobody will ever enjoy listening to low pitched bass, screams, or treble.


    9) Do you need food?


    We can’t tell you that you won’t need it, but pizza can do the magic. Get them to get the snacks, chips, pizzas and whatever you think the party will need.


    10) Friends of friends

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    Allow people to get their plus ones or plus fours, but make sure you have the space to hold that many. It would be a good idea to estimate how many your place can hold before anything, and stop the invitations by asking the “decent” people to stop bringing their friends when you reach full capacity. You don’t want people on stairs bothering your very traditional neighbours, who probably see you as the scum of the earth.


     11) Come in quietly


    Your friends aren’t sheep. Tell them they should not come in flocks, so that you won’t arouse the suspicion of nosy neighbours.


    12) Cleaning up


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    Lots of nasty shit is gonna be everywhere, worry not about it during the party. Mentally prepare yourself for it, and just enjoy the party! The house is gonna smell like a club in a matter of mins!


    Bonus Tip:

    For a super cool house party check out Blue 40’s newest vodka.

    Will you invite us? Please say you will.

    By Sara Mosharef