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  • 11 Mid-week Parties You Shouldn’t Miss!


    We know you’re still not in the mood for working. You’re still caught up in the holiday vibes and so are we. But believe us, there is still a way out. Here’s a list of what’s happening in Cairo’s bars and clubs this mid-week, you just need to choose one and go paaarty.


    1. Kaboo / Mobbz / RamyDjunkie @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Tuesday 26/6)


    Hip-hop/R&B and nothing else! To be honest, what more would you need when you have Kaboo, Mobbz, and Ramy DJunkie playing their sickest beats in one night?


    2. The Tap (Maadi, West, East) (Tuesday 26/6)


    Of course we’re back to playing games at all The Tap branches. Game Night has always been a cure to all of your midweek problems, and always will be.


    3. R&B/Hip Hop Ladies Night ft. DJ Feedo @ Gŭ Bar (Tuesday 26/6)


    It seems like Gu Bar isn’t quitting the girls’ night anytime soon, and the king of hip-hop isn’t going anywhere either. Feedo will be making all you ladies dance!


    4. Basementality Ft. Ahmed Samy @ Basement – Urban Pub (Tuesday 26/6)


    For sure you remember Basementality parties; we’ve all been missing it. And this time Ahmed Samy is going to be in charge.


    5. Dirty Backseat (Album Launch Party) / Mineral Kult @ Cairo Jazz Club (Tuesday 26/6)


    Two bands have promised to serve the greatest performances this Tuesday; Dirty Backseat who will be launching and singing their new album, and Mineral Kult.


    6. Golden Tuesday Feat Soul M @ 24K (Tuesday 26/6)


    Golden night with the golden man, Soul M always on Tuesday at 24k!


    7. Disco 7amra ft. Disco Misr / Safi @ Cairo Jazz Club (Wednesday 27/6)


    One of Cairo Jazz Club’s most desired nights is back on, and with crazy vibes as well. As the famous duo Disco Misr, along with DJ Safi are the ones in charge.


    8. Rewind ft AKM @ The Tap West (Wednesday 27/6)


    One more rewind night with The Tap West. The last one was epic, and this is going to be as well, with AKM.


    9. R&B Night @ Opia(Wednesday 27/6)


    Nobody ever gets enough of R&B music, especially when Soul M is the one behind decks.


    10. Egyptian Project (Acoustic) @ Cairo Jazz Club 610 (Wednesday 27/6)


    What better than an acoustic performance by your favourite Egyptian Project in a midweek night? Absolutely nothing.


    11. Mobbz @ The Tap East (Wednesday 27/6)


    Mobbz is up for some hip-hop insanity and R&B dancing all night long at The Tap East.


    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.


    By Sara Mosharef