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  • Zewail City Vs. Nile University


    You must have have seen the adverts for Zuwail City ? if you havent here is one of them

    Yea i seen it, but i also drove in 6th of october thousands of time and know that campus use to be called Nile University, so i am surprised how now its called Zewail city, so i have done research. The story in a nut shell is:

    Zewail, when he won the nobel prize for his Genius and he wanted to open a research center in Egypt. Back in the Mubarak days, said sure here is this land, but you have to fund building it; which Zewail, simply couldnt.  So the land they gave him was idle, till in 2006, when Nile university came into existance, and that same land was given to Nile University. Nile-U was an initiative sponsored by Nazif government to promote research and post graduate studies built by the tax payers money . Post revolution, they for some reason decided to give the land to Zewail, again, and rebrand the thing as him. What happened is the Nile University got absorbed in Zewail City. and outcome is you see all those to support Zewail City.

    This story is not an old story, it only came to my attention lately because of the Ramadan adverts.  Bassem Youssef did an episode about it in October 2011

    If you interested to know more about this check the Save Nile University page on facebook on: https://www.facebook.com/SaveNU also their website http://www.savenileu.com/ and also here a very interesting blog post on Egyptian Chronicles Blog,  that gives more details than my stupid summary http://egyptianchronicles.blogspot.com/2012/02/nile-university-and-zewail-city-of.html