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  • Your Favourite Disney Animals Have Been Humanized


    Remember your favourite Disney movies from your childhood? The Lion King is most certainly popular in Egypt. But what if Simba and Nala were human?…

    Simba & Nala (Lion King)
    Simba (L) and Nala (R) from The Lion King


    DeviantArt illustrative magician Alaina Bastian has humanized all your favourite Disney animals, and you almost love them even more now that they look like your species.

    In her project, ‘Humanized’, Bastian has re-imagined characters from classics, such as Lady & the Tramp, to more recent Disney flicks, like Bolt and Zootopia.

    Tramp & Lady
    Tramp (L) and Lady (R) from Lady & The Tramp

    Mittens & Bolt (Bolt)
    Mittens (L) and Bolt (R) from Bolt

    Nick & Judy (Zootopia)
    Nick (L) and Judy (R) from Zootopia


    The artist managed to perfectly encapsulate the characters’ unique personalities.

    Terk & Tantor (Tarzan 1)Terk (L) and Tantor (R) from Tarzan


    Speaking to Buzzfeed, Bastian says she was inspired to start the project by her friends’ race- and gender-bent Disney edits on Tumblr.

    Kala & Kerchik (Tarzan 2)Kala (L) and Kerchick (R) from Tarzan


    “I’ve also pulled a lot of inspiration – specifically for The Lion King and The Jungle Book – from the musical and live performances,” she said.

    Bagheera & Baloo (Jungle Book)Bagheera (L) and Baloo (R) from The Jungle Book


    We love how she re-imagines these iconic horse sidekicks according to their ethnicity.

    horsesFrom left to right: Samson from Sleeping Beauty, Pegasus from Hercules, Frou Frou from The Aristocats and Khan from Mulan.


    Her favourite humanized characters, she says, are Duchess & Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats.

    Duchess & Thomas O'Malley (Aristocats)Duchess (L) and Thomas (R) from The Aristocats


    Our favourite, however, has gotta be the Oliver & Company gang.

    Dodger, Oliver & Rita (Oliver & Co. 1)
    Dodger (L), Oliver (C) and Rita (R) from Oliver & Company


    Bastian plans on continuing the project, and is currently working on humanized sketches of characters from 2009’s The Princess & the Frog, as well as the classic Bambi and the original Disney animal, Mickey Mouse.

    What Disney animal do you want to see humanized? Let us know in the comments!

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk