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  • World Peace Day at Darb | like jelly | high on body fat


    So yesterday was World Peace Day, which CISV celebrated at Darb 1718 with some of our best local musicians. The vibe was great, with the local talent playing their very fun very great original music.

    The first of my favorite two acts were High on Body Fat, who played a rendition of the 2011 revolution over a mash-up of some top-of-the-chart pop songs. Think “I would catch a molotov for youu, stand in a lagna sha3beya for youu”. They also played another of their popular songs about being forever alone, in which they describe their ideal woman’s characteristics, among which are her ass and her molokheya cooking skills.

    My second favorite act was definitely Like Jelly, who use their musical talent to highlight important economic issues such as the on-going price war between local and imported Chinese yostafandi. Oh, and they performed a Portugese song which no one understood but had all those on their feet moving like they were in the Rio Carnival.

    All in all, the event really embraced the spirit of World Peace Day and the CISV vibe with the fantastic musicians and amazing crowd.