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  • We Tell the Stories of 6 Amazing Women, Through Chocolates

    Cairo Gossip 2-01-01

    Today, and every day, we are surrounded by women with stories that are often too mesmerising to ignore. Since International Women’s Day is up ahead, we wanted to celebrate every woman out there. So we ended up asking women to tell us more about their adventures, their narratives, their femininity, and we saw in those women the essences behind Galaxy Chocolate’s flavours being captured beautifully!

    Smooth milk: The Homespun One!

    Smooth milk

    “One day you will wake up, and realise that all you have done was conform to society. So, you will wear that loose T-shirt you love, those worn-out jeans, you will let your hair run wild through the seams of the wind, you will put on that dark lipstick that everyone told you looks very aggressive, and you will just live life, like you have always wanted to.” – Sarah.

    Simple, is not sophisticated, but it is a pure form of art that lets you be yourself, without all the boundaries society has set for you. So, if you don’t need additions to your life, then you surely don’t need extra flavours in your chocolate: enjoy the original smooth milk Galaxy Chocolate.


    Hazelnut/Fruit & Nut: The Unparalleled One!


    “While you are often described as a happy person, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t some sorrow or gloom that lurks in there, which is instigated by your inability to be different, and your inability to live differently. You know you can do better than just maintain the appearance of a perfectly composed woman, who is so happy with her life, all while she rejects herself the purest of pleasures: the pleasure of being different.” – Dina.

    Your choice, your life, and your rules. If you want to have a boy-cut because you think you would look amazing in it, do it. Don’t condition yourself to what society deems fit and appropriate. Go ahead, add all the flavours you want to your life, and start with your Galaxy chocolate! Add hazelnuts, or a mix of dried fruits and nuts, but just add something!


    Crispy: The Peaceful!


    There are those little things that make us content, and while we often discard them like they are purely foolish dreams and baseless ambitions, we shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t. Go back in time, and remember those instances of pure bliss dripping from you as a child, what caused them? Was it getting that new toy? Or was it marrying the man you love? Or was it being promoted to manager?  Success, your success, is not measured by what people think, rather it is measured by the goal you set and the journey behind it.”  - Heba

    Those little things, those little but countless mistakes; those little but numerous trials; and every bit of you that screamed doubts, but survived, tell you that all those little “yous’” have come to make you who  you are today. Those little crispy things in Galaxy Crispy Chocolate commend and count your achievements as infinite.


    Caramel: The Diva!


    “You are sweet, but you are also foolish, if you think that sweet counts for nothing. You are smooth and witty in your comments. You are rich with qualities that belong to divas. Remind yourself ― always ― that you are the imperfect perfection of human creation.” – Mariam

    Don’t let your doubts simmer into anything, other than a caramel of sweet perfection with smooth milk and chocolate!


    Digestive: The Strong one!


    “You are feeling a bit anxious today. You don’t know if you worry too much about failure, commitment or not being accepted. Dare we say, fail to the moon, but don’t stop there. Dare we say, commit to passion and people, but don’t look back! ”– Rania.

    Seize the day and let your anxiety remind you that whenever it has been this way, you have somehow managed to pull through, equipped with nothing but your sheer guts, and your ability to digest whatever came your way, and if you ever need help, just get yourself a Digestive Galaxy chocolate.


    Truffle: The Mother!



    “You know how they always say you are an amazing person on the inside? That you carry the qualities of a kind, loving and caring woman? That you also strike with a strong resemblance to angels? That you are the guardian of the cosmos you created? That you come in with the grace of queens? That you lead people, and that you never fail to be seem so mighty for the little ones around you? I am a mother, and my family makes me feel like I am a blend of everything that everyone loves” – Amira.

    Every time people think of your existence, they can’t see you but overflowing with sacred qualities that spread everywhere. You have imprinted yourself as a peaceful sensation of melting love, much like the Galaxy Truffle.