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  • Watch: Egypt Attempts to Combat Bullying

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    Bullying has forever been something a lot of children and adults have, unfortunately, been good at, but the trail of damage that bullies often leave behind is intense, whether physically or psychologically. So much so in fact, that bullying has been a topic that countries have campaigned against several times; and whether such campaigns succeeded or failed, we are happy to see nations take initiative to counter the cancer that is bullying.

    On the 31st of August, UNICEF launched the first video of its #IAmAgainstBullying campaign in cooperation with the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM), under the funding of the European Union (EU) and in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MOETE). The video saw Egypt’s fav comedian, Ahmed Helmy, discuss how he himself was bullied as a child.

    As the sun took several dips below the horizon, the national led campaign saw UNICEF Facebook Page publishing more videos about the nature of bullies, whose responsibility is it to handle them, and what you should do if your child is getting bullied in school. There were also several other video endorsements by artists like Mona Zaki and Yousra.

    This campaign was launched in the wake of the new school year, and was largely inspired by a study conducted by UNICEF and NCCM that revealed that a striking figure of 29-47% children get bullied (aged from 13-17).

    With the cooperation of different entities, the campaign also reminded social media users of the hotline 16000 that provides assistance when a child is at risk.

    The Minister of Education told Egyptian Streets that he supports the campaign fully, and that it is an important step towards a safer and more enjoyable educational system.

    Currently, the campaign has reached over 20m people through social media, and we hope it reaches even more!

    By Adel M. Fakhry