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  • Vision: AUC Film Festival Set to Rock the Boat


    Artsy types rejoice – AUC will be hosting a film festival that is profoundly less pretentious and more accessible than anything you’ve seen before. 

    Taking place between 16th and 19th of April,Vision: Egyptian Carvings in Film Language’ will be held at Falaki Theatre at AUC’s old Tahrir campus, and will feature both film screenings and panel discussions with filmmakers.

    Under the auspices of AUC’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences and AUC ARTS, the four-day event is part of their annual film activities programme. It aims to highlight and celebrate new and emerging young talents on Cairo’s highly-underrated filmmaking scene – particularly, those who are contributing to developing ‘new cinematic languages’; in layman’s terms, the methods, strategies and skills that filmmakers use to communicate the central ideas of their work.

    Slightly more ostentatiously, the film festival aims to celebrate how AUC’s film program contributes to, and champions, the educational aspect of Egyptian cinema, with the premise of the festival being that underground films should also have a platform for exhibitions. 

    The festival is set to screen films with such provocative titles as, ‘The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375’, ‘Tahrir Island’, and ‘Battle of the Camel’.

    In a country where ‘public’ art performances have had to be held in private spaces, and where artistic repression is thriving, media content is highly-sanitised, and the city’s creatives usually find themselves walking on egg-shells, it’ll be interesting to see whether these films – and the festival in general – can offer the frank and unflinching discussions of the political and social climate that Egypt has so sorely been lacking. 

    But more than this, there seems to be a concerted effort to showcase Egyptian filmmakers outside of the potential confines of political subject matter; to present Egyptian filmmakers as artists and not just pseudo-activists.

    Hopefully, AUC which has been, historically, a bastion of free and liberal speech, can contribute to some semblance of a balanced and transparent socio-political debate – without anybody getting arrested.

    For more information, click here.