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  • This Campaign Is Set on Breaking the Stigmas Through Colour Therapy


    Mashrou Al Saada hosted day one of a 2-day colour therapy event with the intention of promoting a more positive outlook regarding the stigma that surrounds mental health in Egypt, and providing a better ambience for the patients of Al Abbasia Hospital, Egyptian Streets reported.

    The colour therapy event was all about painting the walls of Al Abbasia, because colours (bright colours especially) are capable of improving the mental state of the patients. It also helps connect the patients to the community effectively, without the very stigma that hinders this connection from happening.

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    And, although there can still be many differences in the way we interpret colours and what they represent, the founder of Mashrou Elsaada, Hashem Raafat, stated that “colours still count as a very universal language.” He also added that this initiative has been running for five years now, with finished projects in Cairo, Nuweiba, and Fayoum, among other places.

    In a report by the Guardian, they detailed several experiments and studies done in the past that showed how colour can affect someone’s mood. For example, in 1958, a scientist named Robert Gerard hypothesised that the colour red makes us anxious, while blue makes us calmer. The study found that colours could have an impact on the way we eat, our tendencies to become aggressive, and our blood pressure. Another example cited by the report involved prisoners in Texas having to dress in pink uniforms; it was said to have been meant to humiliate them, as well as reduce their aggression.

    The report also added that it is important for colour therapists to pinpoint the different interpretations of colours to patients before helping them. Regardless, colour therapy is nothing new to the world. Ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls and Chinese texts indicate a relationship between sickness and colour, and it is believed that they used colours to treat patients, the Guardian reported.

    Art Therapy is spreading like wildfire nowadays, with many Egyptian therapists taking to this well-researched subject to treat their patients through colours, music, painting, photography, and more.

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    The second day of the event will take place on Friday, 16 November.