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  • This ‘Ballerinas of Cairo’ Video Will Make you Melt


    With schools back and Cairo traffic infuriatingly bad these past few days (three hours from 6 October to Giza?!),we could all do with a little positivity, and what better pick me up than a beautiful video reminding us of the grace and beauty of Cairo?

    If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll know that Ballerinas of Cairo have been shooting stunning dancers twirling around the city. Dancing in Cairo? In public? And men gheer feelings? It sounds crazy, maybe even cheesy, but the photos actually work in bringing out the softer side of our beloved capital.

    Well they’ve now made a video of their past year of dancing, and we have to say it’s a delightful watch. With over 24,000 views and 700 shares in just 12 hours, we can see that others agree: this video shows the romantic side of Cairo and its beauty through dance.

    By Samar El Shams