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  • Theater of Dreams: Three-Day Music Festival in Sinai


    2015 looks like its already shaping up to be a good year for music and general beach-side buffoonery – knock on wood – with the announcement of Theater of Dreams; a three day festival in  Ras Shetaan that is set to give EDM the hippy Sinai treatment.

    Taking place in the popular Maagana Camp between Thursday 22nd and Saturday 24th of January, the festival will see no less than twelve of the hottest up-and-coming and established DJ acts that Cairo has to offer.

    There are plenty of familiar names lined-up; day one’s roster includes Awadi Brothers, Abou Samra and Nour Fahmy, while performers on day two include Aly B Gawdat, M Fayek and. The third days isn’t any less busy, with Aguizi & Fahim, Gaser El Safty and Hush among the acts.

    The ticket package includes transportation and half-board hut accommodation for the duration of the festival, which includes two meals a day. Visitors are required to bring their own munchies, though. Ahem.

    For more information, call 01282149442 or 01144048989.

    Awadi Borthers | Abou Samra | Nour Fahmy | Zai

    DAY 2 (FRIDAY 23RD)
    Aly B | Gawdat  | M Fayek | Marc Wahba

    Aguizi & Fahim | Gaser El-Safty | Hush | Shady Maher