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  • The Two Thousand-Year-Old Tomb Found in Alexandria, Could be Alexander’s?


    Our ancient history will always remain ours. A new tomb was accidently found in Alexandria after 2,000 years and it’s breaking the news all over the world; some of you may think, don’t we have enough already?

    If you want to know the whole story, here it is: A couple of weeks ago, a building in Alexandria had fallen to rubble for no apparent reason. Of course, the owner wanted to build a new one, and after digging to lay new foundations, he found weird, black/blue granite sarcophagus hidden underneath rubble.

    Later, they discovered that it was a tomb, and with speculations circulating on international and local news that it is the tomb of Alexander the Great, it has become a wildly trending topic.  Some say the tomb was opened and they have found out that the mummy is actually Alexander the Great, and some say that it hasn’t been opened yet! Hold that thought.

    But, the sarcophagus is one of the largest and heaviest they have ever found here in Egypt, which means that this mummy used to be someone very wealthy, so this could actually be him! Experts from all over the world are waiting for the tomb to be “officially” opened. This could be the discovery of the whole century, and it’s right here in Egypt! Also, it could help historians fill-in empty holes in our history’s timeline. Not that we understand much about what exactly is missing, since Alexander’s tomb has been missing for centuries, but it can be used for tourism promotion at the very least.

    If you have made fun of our history before, think twice, Egypt still has a large pile of undiscovered ancient artefacts – under houses, in the desert, pretty much where ever we dig.