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  • The Shelter: New Photography Gallery Set to Open in Zamalek


    While the reclusive island of Zamalek isn’t short on galleries, there seems to be a noticeable lack of photography passing along their walls. It’s something that’s reflected in photography as a local profession; there’s little money in photography as art and many local snappers resort to event and wedding photography to make ends meet – a brother’s gotta eat, you know?

    No gallery can guarantee to make you the next Annie Liebovitz or Ansel Adams, but the Shelter does promise to provide a platform for local photographers to shine. Set to open its doors on Saturday 5th of September, the new gallery is located in Zamalek’s Yamama Centre and has already whetted the appetite of Cairo’s photography collective.

    As the brainchild of Yousef El Alfy, the Shelter is aiming to break the seemingly indestructible wall that has made art in Egypt inaccessible to the masses. Whether we care to admit it or not, there’s an exclusivity surrounded art in this country – one that will only go on to alienate more and more people and subsequently stunt the steady flow of emerging artists and photography. El Alfy has no airs and graces and will welcome art from newcomers and established artists alike.

    The official launch kicks off at 10AM, with the likes of Khaled Abou Seif, Hussein Gohar, Heba Khalifa, Lobna Tarek and Sabry Khaled set to showcase their work. In the evening, meanwhile, live music awaits.

    For more information on the Shelter, click here.

    By Gemima Flashback

    Photos: The Shelter Facebook