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  • The Official Mascot of AFCON Is Here

    Egyptian Mascot

    We are all pumped since we heard the great news; Egypt is hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON)! Now, drop everything you’re doing because the Egyptian mascot of AFCON has just arrived. Even though it came after a long wait, Egyptians always have something to say!

    Just like anything in the world, some people loved the design and others didn’t, but the reactions, in general, were just priceless!

    First of all, behold Tut! A cute little kid wearing pharaonic headwear and a red jersey with Africa’s outline on it was the mascot they went for:


    Egyptian Mascot


    Now, people are talking about it; here’s what they said:


    He kind of looks like Bakar, the famous Egyptian cartoon we all grew up watching, but where’s Rashida?

    Egyptian Mascot

    Egyptian Mascot

    Egyptian Mascot


    Or Maybe he’s the Subway Surfer guy in disguise?

    Egyptian Mascot


    He does run fast. TUT is quite the catch.


    Egyptian Mascot


    You mean the famous Egyptian King, Tutankhamun, right? But why?

    Egyptian Mascot


    And let’s not forget the previous crocodile mascot! This *I am watching you* look is priceless.


     Egyptian Mascot

    So, what about you guys? Tell us what you think of that new mascot in the comments’ section.


    By Yara Tarek 



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