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  • The Noise of Cairo: German Documentary on the Arts in Egypt Chosen For UN Festival

    noise of cairo

    It’s been said a million times before, but the Egyptian revolution of 2011 has galvanised the arts in Cairo – and all across Egypt – in the most emphatic of ways. It has inspired a generation of new artists, musicians and writers, and one pre-curfew glance at Cairo’s galleries, theatres and performance venues proves as such.

    But it has also inspired people from across the world, including Heiko Lange.

    Lange and his crew on the streets of Cairo.
    Image: The Noise of Cairo Facebook

    With documentary, The Noise of Cairo, the German director followed twelve Cairo-based individuals – including street artist, Kaizer, choreographer, Karima Mansour, and Townhouse Gallery founder, William Wells, among others -  to document how the ousting of former president Mubarak has affected the underground art scene. The Noise of Cairo is the cinematic report of how once-silenced artists have now been given the opportunity to voice their opinion in the form of unbridled artistic expression.

    The 56-minute film has been well-recieved so far, and picked up by the 16th edition of the annual United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF). The documentary film festival, which will be held across California between October 17th-27th, is built on the aim of showcasing pressing issues from across the world – including human rights, environmental concerns and refugees – and the power of film.

    Despite the continuing turmoil in Egypt, this is another chance for the world to see the country at grassroots level for what it is; a vibrant and creative nation.