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  • The No Title Post – aka surreal

    Salvador Dali

    Salvador Dali - Three Sphinxes of the Bikinis


    Today is all about elections, so today my post is dedicated to speechlessness, and no title, and why do i have Salvador Dali artwork as the image of the day. Well 1. because i can, 2. because i love Dali work , 3. It is more or less related to what we are doing today

    His work is surreal, and i love surrealism, but when you think of it isnt today a bit of of a surreal day! after all today is our first day to vote for a president, in a real and somewhat more or less fair election.

    I choose this painting particular because well it has the name of sphinx in it hence it automatically relates to Egypt, but focus on it you will see three heads, one with a green hair ( Moussa ), two with white hair (hamdeen & abdelmoniem fotoh and maybe even shafeek)

    okay i have to admit right now i am just making bullshit as we go. but wait i got more, the title has in it bikinis and our election is in summer and we all want to wear bikinis ! ok i admit pure bullshit i am making here

    but point is today is SURREAL !