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  • The Music Tent Prepares for Special Ramadan Night with Aida El Ayoubi


    Since its opening in, the Music Tent has established itself as Cairo’s top live music venue, with some of the region’s biggest names taking to the stage. This weekend, another top act is set to perform, as the enigmatic Aid El Ayoubi makes a rare appearance on Friday 3rd of July.

    Having caught the fame bug in the early nineties, El Ayoubi made a triumphant and unexpected return after a hiatus in 2011 alongside Cairokee with Revolution-spurred anthem, Ya El Midan, putting her right back into the melting pot that is the contemporary Egyptian music scene.

    Possibly most famous for classic feel-good tune, 3ala Baaly, El Ayoubi is rightly considered one of the most important female figures in Egyptian music, often spoken about in the same light as Om Kolthoum for carving out a niche in the industry, with three albums released in the early nineties catapulting her into fame as one of the most popular and culturally significant performers in the Middle East.

    Friday’s gig is also set to celebrate the Ramadan spirit, with Sufi chanting and music, as well as a traditional tannoura performance, rounding off what is looking like one of the most unique nights yet at the Music Tent.

    Tickets are 100LE, music starts 9.30PM sharp. For more information, click here.