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  • The Healing Power of Tarfa: Egypt’s First ‘Holistic Photography Course’


    Back in my day, if you were leaving Cairo for any kind of getaway, it almost always meant hitting a beach with a box of beer. But there’s a new holidaying tend that more and more Cairenes have been following in the last year or so.

    With yoga and other fitness activities moving out of the gym to Egypt’s coasts, one photography fanatic has taken a holistic approach to these alternative getaways.

    Photographer and meditation instructor, Mahmoud Nour, will be leading a retreat at the uber-popular, award-winning Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary in Dakhla Oasis between the 22nd and 25th of May. The four-day program is set to fuse Nour’s two passions, offering basic photography lessons and a range of different meditation and yoga sessions.

    It’s a pretty interesting concept, but as is with life, all good things come at a price ; 6,500LE for a single room and 5,000LE for a double room – inclusive of travel fair, instructor fees and basically everything.


    For more information and a detailed breakdown of the schedule, click here.