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  • The Curfew Library: ‘Chapter 2′ to Hit Bikya Maadi!

    curfew library

    After a spectacular debut in Zamalek earlier this month, BridgEgypt‘s  the Curfew Library is making a triumphant return with ‘Chapter Two’ on Tuesday September 17th at Bikya Maadi.

    The initiative, which offers Cairenes an escape from the shackles of the curfew and a chance to swap old books, has already collected over 100 titles for an on-site library for local NGO, the Education for Employment Foundation.

    But this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship; rumour has it that the brains at BridgEgypt and Bikya are close to finalising an arrangement that would allow Cairenes to make donations through Bikya stores.

    In addition to this, there are reports that the Curfew Library could go nationwide, with several venues in Alexandria showing interest in hosting the initiative. This would be a huge, but well-deserved, step for what is still a very young project; only two ‘chapters’ in, the Curfew Library has already taken Egypt by storm.