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  • The Curfew Library: Cairo Combats Curfew Boredom For a Cause

    curfew library

    Say what you will, but Cairo is full of creative, resourceful people. How often that creativity is channeled in the right way is another question altogether, but the last few weeks have shown that not even a curfew can keep the city down.

    While certain bars and clubs in Cairo have filled the evening void by returning to almost-normal operations, BridgEgypt’s the Curfew Library comes as a brilliant alternative for spending time somewhere that isn’t work or home.

    It’s all pretty straightforward; bring a book, grab a drink at the bar, mingle with others and maybe you’ll find yourself a nice little swap deal. Bring more books, however, and you can donate it to the Curfew Library’s initiative to help Egypt’s less fortunate through the Education for Employment Foundation, where BridgEgypt hopes to build up an on-site library for the NGO.

    BridgEgypt has already stocked up on over fifty books via donations.
    Image: BridgEgypt Facebook

    Spearheaded by BridgEgypt founder, Karine Kamel, the Curfew Library’s first stop comes at the Cellar Bar at the President Hotel in Zamalek, tomorrow (Tuesday September 3rd) between 6PM and 10PM.

    “Books help you travel the world and forget – they’re not meant to be left on a shelf” says Kamel on the power of the written word.

    This is just step one of the Curfew Library, and we hear that a certain popular bookshop-come-café in Maadi is up next.

    For more information check out the Curfew Library’s  Facebook event page.