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    Sound of Risas

    Sound of Risas

    disclaimer: fishie and kittie love charlie sheen WINNING!!!

    As Charlie Sheen would say it, Migo&Lyon are WINNERS !!!!!  as you know Risas Lounge went out and set a nation wide campaign to find a new sound for itself and well the first place winner of the competition dubbed as “Sound of Risas” was DJ Migo, and second place was DJ Lyon, and if you would have been in Risas lately you might have heard their set being played there.

    So to WINNING !!! Migo & Lyon

    So what next … well guess what The Sound of Risas is now evolving from the competition to the Sound of Risas Nights !!! the first night is scheduled on Tuesday 24th of April, With DJ Migo and Following Tuesday 1st  May with Dj Lyon … what will be the music … well expect lounge, expect lifting, expect the new sound of risas !!! oh and save the date !! and get ready to have your Tuesday’s Transformed.

    to listen to both submitted sets … just click play below … and kick back and relax to the sound of risas !!!WINNING!