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  • Six Ways to Have Fun Exploring Different Cultures This Week


    Sometimes we want to try something new – to set foot in the unexplored – and Egypt is full of such rare gems waiting to be discovered by its people. This week’s events retain their origins to different cultures like the Sudanese, Nubian, Bedouin, Romans, Christian, English and even Sufis.

    Meet The Stars @ Chefchaoun (Sunday)


    Courtesy of Elaaf Selim

    If you are one of those who love camping and moon gazing, this trip is totally for you. Upon arriving at Qatrani Camp you will be invited to participate in a yoga class, after which you can roam the place freely. There will be a dinner offered – part of the ticket price – however, it is highly recommended to bring food along because it will be a long day, and they only offer a dinner meal. Later there will be a lecture on astronomical observation with the main focus of it being the moon, and since the light of the moon will be shining ever so brightly, no stars will be visible through the skies. Instead, there will be a telescope through which you can view the moon up-close, and wonder of how beautiful such a planet has come into existence. Also, there will be a Bedouin party, fireworks and sleep bags. Price for the ticket is 380LE. For more information, call 01064114225.

    Loving Vincent @ Zamalek Cinema (Tuesday)


    Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork has lived through the ages and has inspired many people, from the painting called “The Starry Night” and his own self-portrait – which is displayed above. The movie, Zamalek Cinema is offering in collaboration with Zawya on Tuesday, is more like a tribute to the late artist, where the creators painted 65,000 frames with oil painting – adopting Gogh’s style in “The Starry Night,” and combined them in an animated movie. “Loving Vincent” talks about a story of a young man who seeks to deliver Gogh’s letters in Gogh’s last hometown, and the young man’s path diverts to investigate Gogh’s last days there. For reservation, click this link.

    Nubian Night: Mido Beshir & The Band @ 3elbt Alwan Maadi (Tuesday)

     3elbt alwan

    If anyone ever went to Aswan/Luxor; saw and heard Nubian folklore, it is hard not to remain attached. 3elbt Alwan Maadi is bringing us Mido Beshir & his band for more of that Nubian folklore on Tuesday, where you get a second chance to enjoy live and groovy music. The ticket costs 75LE at entrance, which includes a drink, the whole place for a day and the Bonfire.

    Exploring Dakhla Oasis Christmas Trip @ Astrotrips (Thursday)

     Dakhla Oasis trip

    The four-day trip to Dakhla Oasis is an exploration of the distant past that remains to this day in paintings, temples, tombs and even villages from the Pharaohs, the Romans and the Christians.  The first day will be mainly consumed by traveling, but the second day is where the journey begins as you will be visiting Deir Al Haggar, Al Qasr Islamic village and Pottery village. On the third day, you will be visiting Qarat Al Muzawwaqa and Bir Al Gabal, then swimming in a sulfuric hot spring. Last day will be allocated to shopping and a visit to a dates factory. Accommodation will be provided in an Eco-lodge of double rooms, there will be three meals a day, all permissions and visits fees, and a professional guide. The trip costs 2300LE. For more information, call 01119808100, 01098000108 or click this link.

    Amer El Tony – Al Mawlaweya Al Masreya @ El Sawy Culturewheel (Friday)


    Amer El Tony and El Mawlaweya El Masreya have been renowned for their Sufi spiritual performances over the past few years, and we are looking forward to their show on Friday that will carry us into a different world. Tickets are for 50LE and can be reserved from here. For more information, call 02 2736 6178.

    ROOM Drumming Boat with Asia Madani @ ROOM Art Space (Friday)

     asia madani1

    This event is curated towards those who love the sound of percussion, but would like to practice or play amongst professionals. In an event created by ROOM Art Space, Asia Madani, the Sudanese singer and drummer, will be on a boat with professionals and amateurs alike drumming for two hours in the afternoon and anyone can participate.  Ticket costs 120LE. For more information, call 01000681539 or 01000681543.

    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

    (Cover photo: AhmedHerz)