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  • Seven Workshops to Kick-Off 2018 With


    Our passions and talents are unleashed rarely, but it doesn’t mean that we take for granted what we have; it’s just a matter of having been out of practice. This is dedicated to everyone who wants to put their talent and passion to the test and even grow them into a habit: photography, painting, music and dancing workshops and more are all ready and waiting.

    Oil Painting Course @ Art Square Academy (Jan. 20 – Mar. 6)

    oil painting course

    ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘The Starry Night’, ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’ and ‘Shades of Night Descending’ are all names of world-renowned oil paintings that live to this day and are displayed in museums. However, to stand amongst such artists, there would need to be hours spent practicing, failures and successes. Art Square is offering the opportunity to learn the basics of oil painting in 7 weeks; learning about geometric shapes, light & shadow, perspective. and more. Fees are 1800LE for 15 classes – each 3 hours – on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 6PM to 9PM. For more information, call 01222383721.

    Novel Writing Workshop @ Alrab3 (Dec. 28 – Feb. 9)


    Scattered and incoherent thoughts fill your notebooks; a story of perhaps an inability to develop your characters, to create mysterious and connected plots, to draw different timelines and to get to the sensibilities of the reader. Alrab3 is offering a novel writing workshop by Amir Atef, the author of the bestseller “Contingent~Tari2.” The workshop costs 300LE, and runs for approximately a month on Fridays.

    Learn Nay Basics Workshop @ Alrab3 (Dec. 27 – Jan. 31)


    This is not just a case of “blowing into a tube” until your breath runs out; it demands perseverance, patience, control and theoretical knowledge. Antoon Refaat, the nay craftsman and player, will be tutoring people who want to learn Nay throughout two months; divided into a beginners introduction to the basics in the first month on Wednesdays (4 classes) that will cost 200LE; and later an advanced one-on-one mentor-ship in the second month (4 classes) that will cost 300LE. For more information, call 01011906907.

    Basics of Batik Art @ Darb 1718 (Jan. 13 – Feb. 2)


    Batik art is one that has been evolving since it has been passed down by the Pharaohs who used to wrap their mummies in wax soaked linen fabric and scratched it using a stylus; it then found its way to China, Japan, India, Senegal and lastly an island called Java in Indonesia that has the most developed Batik art in the world at the moment. Indonesia has developed Batik art into a use of beeswax, linen fabric and vegetable dying colors, and if you are into fashion; it will add to your experience because many of today’s clothing depends on patterns and colors, and this type of art is all about that. The course costs 950 LE (equipment and materials are included), and runs on Saturdays for 4 weeks. For more information, call 01006198733

    Salsa Beginners Class – Sheikh Zayed @ Culture Lab & Designers Boulevard (Jan. 13 – Mar. 3)


    Perfect synchronisation of a body to another body – sometimes moving differently than you, sometimes moving with you – sounds like a hard job; especially when it is fast-paced then slow and vice versa. Latin Love Dance School Cairo is offering a salsa beginner’s class in Sheikh Zayed that will entail a mix of other dances like bachata, merengu, kizomba cha cha, rueda de casino and reggaeton. Also, at the end of each dance level there will be an exam, with a certificate awarded and signed by the mentors. The course costs 800LE for one month per person, and the first month will cost 500LE. For more information, call 01012011141.

    Comics workshop by Wahba @ Lamasatt Art Gallery ( Jan. 1 – Jan. 9)

    For many Egyptians, Mickey Magazine is a part of childhood. However, for some it was more than just the reading part that they wanted to do, but to create, too. Mohamed Wahba is a comic artist – who with the cooperation of Lamasatt Art Gallery – will be leading a workshop on the creation of comics that will include learning how to draw faces from different angles and their expressions, as well as, body movements and the scene in which your characters develop your story. The course will run over 9 days, and cost 800LE. For more information, call 01006018726.

    Visual Storytelling @ Beit el Sura (Jan. 19 – Jan. 28) 


    A picture really does tell a thousand words, but we have all heard that too many times. Yet, we might not be capable of grasping everything there is to it about it; but if we are offered a chance to delve into what we love, shouldn’t we take it? In collaboration with Beit El Sura Anna Voitenko, an award-winning photographer will be giving a workshop on visual storytelling throughout the streets of Cairo. The workshop will mainly cover finding subjects for your stories in the streets of the city, and learning to approach different subjects without fear, as well as, learning to filter and critique your own work. It will be a 4 day workshop that will cost 2500LE. For more information, call 01022043555.

    By Adel M. Fakhry