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  • Scientists Unearth a Village that Predates the Pharaohs in the Nile Delta


    While history remains a boring subject for some, any important discovery made is for everyone. Simply put, a group of Egyptian and French archaeologists unearthed a village in the area of Tell El Samara, Dakahlia province, Nile Delta, that predates the Pharaohs.

    The discovery made showed signs of a stable human settlement in the area, with pottery and stone tools in some buildings, and animal bones and plants in several storage silos.

    Dr. Frederic Guyot, the head of the expedition, told Egyptian Streets that this discovery gives archaeologists “a unique opportunity to identify the prehistoric communities that lived in the Delta for thousands of years before the First Dynasty.”

    The villages’ buildings, tools, and storage silos are estimated to have been around since 6000-7400 BC, the dates are yet to be confirmed. The aforementioned puts this community in the mid to late Neolithic period, one that is known for the cultivation of land, and the extended dependence on animals for survival by humans.

    Such discoveries help historians fill gaps in the timeline, and help them understand how civilisations have progressed and sometimes to confirm/refute theories.