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  • Saudi YouTube Video Turns the Tables on Men

    Saudi Arabia

    Comedy is very quickly becoming the most effective form of criticism in the Middle East, and the world of Arab entertainment is starting to realise the extent of what laughter can achieve. Bassem Youssef’s El Barnameg refined the formula for satirical social commentary in the MENA region and subsequently, a generation of amateur comedians, filmmakers and YouTube-ers have jumped on the bandwagon to give voice to their political and social concerns. Saudi YouTube channel, ‘Babmbee’ (pink), debuted its first video three months ago and has since added two more, racking up millions of views in the process. The videos set up scenarios and skits that aim to jolt viewers out of their comfort zones. Besides being hilarious, the show poses some serious questions to Saudi law and mainstream beliefs. Bambee’s latest video turns the tables on men; how would things be if it was the country’s male population that weren’t allowed to drive?

    You can find more of Bambee’s videos here.