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  • Sanctuary Music Festival: Indulge Your Senses in a Musical Experience by the Red Sea


    We, at Cairo Gossip, love to give you everything you need to know about the hottest events happening around the very big capital that we proudly call home! Today, however, we have decided to make a little bit of an exception; we are venturing out of Cairo to tell you about an extremely cool music festival happening by the Red Sea: Sanctuary Music Festival. The festival will start on April 25th, and it will run until the 26th of April.

    Now, you maybe thinking to yourself “it’s only a two day festival, it really can’t have that much to offer.” Well, you are beyond wrong; this festival has a line-up of performers, which includes the likes of Citizen Kain, Lunar Plane, Moon Walk, and more. The festival will also be home to performances by some of our local favourties: Hot Oasis, Karim Yousry, Ouzo, Sebbz, and Omar Khalifa will all be bringing the grooviest of tunes to Sanctuary Music Festival

    Speaking of the Red Sea, this festival guarantees its attendees a unique experience, like no other; your toes will be in the sand, your eyes will behold one of the world’s most stunning seas, and your ears will be filled with music. As such, the festival offers its goers an experience that will satisfy all of their empirical senses, at the same time. 

    Of course, by this point, you are beyond interested to find out more details and information. Go ahead, Cairenes, plan yourself a musical getaway at the stunning Concorde Royal Beach, located in southern Ras Sudr! Book your tickets here.