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  • ROOM Art Space in Danger of Shutting Down


    The state of its economy has hit Egypt hard and we’ve already seen Downtown Cairo’s After Eight announce that it is to shut down after fifty years. Now, one of the most popular cultural venues in the city, ROOM Art Space, is in danger of following suit.

    Having opened in 2014, the Garden City venue has provided a open and free platform for the country’s growing pool of artistic talent with an expansive and eclectic cultural programme. Alongside film screenings, language exchanges and other events, everyone from the likes of PanSTARRS and Maurice Louca, to Nathalie Saba, HanyMust and Ramy Attallah have performed at ROOM over years, quickly cementing its position on the arts and culture landscape in Cairo as a hub for the best the city has to offer.

    Founder Ahmed Zeidan has set-up a page on crowd-funding website, indiegogo, with a ‘flexible goal’ of $19,000. What the flexible goal means is that the page doesn’t need to reach its target to get the funding and will receive all the money donated regardless of how much, with Zeidan detailing what can be done with various amounts.

    For more information, check out ROOM’s page on indiegogo and stay-up-to-date on Facebook.

    By Haisam Awad