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  • Revolution for Dummies: Bassem Youssef Set to Release New Book


    Egyptian physician-turned-satirist, Bassem Youssef, is set to release his book Revolution for Dummies later this month. The announcement appeared on the comedian’s Facebook page in recent days and the title is set to launch at a signing event in New York on March 21.

    In his debut title, Youssef recounts his life alongside the hypocrisy, instability and corruption of Egyptian politics. The book touches on issues such as the attempted cover-up of the violent clashes in Tahrir Square to the government’s announcement that it had created the world’s first ‘AIDS cure’ machine (remember that?).

    The tale also tells how Egyptian officials were convinced that the comedian was a CIA operative—recruited by Jon Stewart—to bring down the country through sarcasm.

    The book-signing event will be held in New York performance space, ‘Town Hall’, and will see Youssef perform a comedy show on stage, too.

    Youssef left Egyptian shores after fleeing the country for his own safety when his show was cancelled in 2014. But the funnyman looks set to continue tickling our funnybones with his book.

    By Conor Sheils