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  • Response to Kheidr Video on “Tarbeya We Ta3leek


    who has seen this video of Kheidr, on www.elgomhoreya.tv  i find this guy very smart, well spoken and damn he can speak our language. He had a video before this on a water plan which i found very smart. 

    However i have a little comment on this video, I am not an expert on education, nor have i had a public education in Egypt, and as much as i do like the idea of specialization i dont recommend it at an early age. 

    Why you might ask, well mostly because i believe in a liberal education, where one is subjected to a variety of  different topics and fields till a certain age, then s/he can start to choose where s/he wants to specialize. Damn even a lot of us up until our sophemore year in university didnt even know what we wanted to do, whether we wanted business or marketing or political science.  The idea of specializing at such a young age i believe sort of limits the person capacity to grow. If i didnt go throw my liberal education, how would i have understood,  about marketing, art, music, philosophy, history, anthropology along with my core major. If anything i think there should be an introduction two years before university where you prep up the students to university by giving them a variety of general subjects before telling to choose which specialization they want at university. 

    Yes i didnt go to public schools so i dont know much about egyptian education, however i had an egyptian mom and dad! The problem with that is that they come from years and years of what they know education is to be MEMORIZING! not actually understanding.  while i am not an expert on the subject but from my own personal experiance i believe education should be more about developing a methodology of thinking that can be used across all fields. The problem with Egyptians in my own sense is that because they memorize and they cant understand what they studied, hence they cant face new challenges, and if you cant face new challenges, how are we expected to grow as a society ? 

    Again thats my humble opinion. I am not critiquing Kheidr, but the opposite i actually like the video, because where he presented his point of view, it made me think of mine, which is what i think his videos are meant to be about, they are meant to make one think, to start a debate on it. 

    So people what do you think.


    nadim issa says:

    i totally agree with you, i was thinking about the same thing when i was watching this video, the problem with his idea is that the parents will be the ones to choose their kid's future by putting him/her in a engineering school (madrasa not koleya), and like you said, that will limit their options, and will become a great problem if they end up growing up not liking this field. However i respect so much kheidr because he actually tinks of smth and tries to make a difference with what he thinks is right, and that is what we all should do, to make this country better, we need to be active and contribute with our thoughts and ideas in order to make a difference.

    Mostafa Hashish says:

    Agree with you on the age thing, this way instead of waiting till university, the parent can push down his son's throat what he wants him to do. Still, I believe there should be advanced schools for certain subjects, if a student in school A is getting exceptionally good grades on biology for example, he goes to the "advanced science school"..etc.

    Some people are actually backed down from their potential in learning by being "too young", which exactly is the perfect time to learn. I think the main thing is having an "OPEN SOURCE" digital educational systems, available online and at schools and what you teach them is FINDING THE INFO they want (I know what people will say….Aakash, Indian android tablet costs 35 USD, cheaper than the annual books students get, and 100 dollar laptop project has been around for years).

    This way even if students drop out, they should have a back-up in teaching themselves.