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  • Raise Your Voice: Egypt’s First Anti-Harassment Music Festival


    Our good friends at Cairo Jazz Club Agency are more accustomed to handling the egos and demands of delusional DJs and bumptious bands, but are set to take part in Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment; Egypt’s first and only anti-sexual harassment music festival.

    What does music have to do with the country’s sexual harassment pandemic? Well, not a lot, in theory.

    But the festival is part of a campaign launched by the Ministry of Youth and Sports – ‘My Society is Better Without Sexual Harassment’ – that aims to tackle the issue and nip it at the bud through a number of different classes and initiatives initially launched under the Spaces for Civic Engagement project.

    More than just an occasion to gawk at musicians, the festival is set to be a meeting of minds, so to speak, with many local NGOs attending and taking part in an effort to raise awareness of an issue that has no place in 21st century Egypt.

    Said bands include local favourites, Massar Egbari and Us We Lazq, as well as hip-hopping dude, ZAP Tharwat, and shaabi artiste, Amr 7a7a.

    Taking place on Friday 5th of December, the festival will be held at Cairo Opera House’s Al Medan Theater, starting at 4PM.

    For more information on Raise Your Voice Against Sexual Harassment, click here.