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  • Photographer Matches Historical Sites in Egypt to Bank Notes


    Professional photographer Beshoy Fayez’s photos series, Bank Note Through Fish Eye is going viral – a series that is as simple as it is ingenious. Using a fish-eye lens and travelling around Cairo and Aswan, Fayez’s unique project saw him visit the historical sites depicted on Egyptian bank notes and got almost perfectly symmetrical shots of every single one, starting with the now almost-extinct 25 piaster note…

    1. Sayeda Aisha Mosque: 25PT Note

    2. Al Azhar Mosque: 50PT Note

    3.  Abu Simbel Temple: 1LE Note

    4. Ibn Tulun Mosque: 5LE Note

    5. El Refai Mosque: 10 LE Note

    6.  Mohamed Ali Mosque: 20LE Note

    7.   Abu Hariba Mosque:  50LE Note

    8. El Sultan Hassan Mosque: 100LE Note

    9. Qanibay Al Ramah Mosque: 200LE Note