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  • Oshtoora Festival: Ras Sudr to Host Independent Music Festival


    As if we needed more of a reason to go to Ras Sudr, this year some of Egypt’s best and brightest will be coming together to bring you what is being pushed as a visual and aural extravaganza. The Oshtoora Festival is set to bring musicians and visual artists from all over the region in the beautiful coastal paradise of Ras Sudr for a weekend of inspiration, creation and general hippie shenanigans between April 10th and 12th.

    Set on the gorgeous backdrop of the sunny and picturesque coast, Oshtoora looks to unite creators and consumers of art and music in the beauty of nature for three days of joy, love and more joy (that means no deep house. No houses of any kind in fact. We’re not even sure if there will be indoor plumbing). In association with a selection of forward thinking groups like Kiteloop, Zawya and Ma7ali - and set across two stages - Oshtoora will offer festival goers and up-and-coming musicians access to resources like rehearsal spaces and a recording studio (we call first dibs to record our debut single “The Post-Wifi Blues”)

    For more information, check out the Oshtoora website.