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  • Oshtoora Festival Cancelled….Forever


    For the past few years, the epic music festival known as Oshtoora has allowed many explore the little hippie inside each of us. With a roundup of excellent underground music acts and fantastic locations around Egypt, the festival had us connecting to nature and enjoying the outdoor experience of good food, great music, fantastic art installations and wonderful fellow humans all under an open sky. Despite 2016’s great turnout and the huge buzz created, our dreams were squashed yesterday when the organisers announced on Facebook that the festival is no more because of funding and sponsorship issues.

    ‘The following announcement is heavy on our hearts.

    It is with a great deal of heartache that we announce that Oshtoora will not be happening anymore.

    One of the main foundations of Oshtoora was to create a sustainable alternative model that would not only keep the festival alive but help it thrive. Oshtoora was a sponsor free, participatory festival and we felt that this was the true road to sustainability. We are proud of what we achieved, however it was not enough to keep the festival going.

    Oshtoora was a learning experience for everyone who crossed its path and we hope that the shared experiences created give birth to something better. We hope that more music festivals spring up and we are excited about what will become as a result. We would like to share our experiences & lessons learned and contribute to what comes next. You can reach us via private message on this page.

    oshtoora-bodyClosing night at Oshtoora 2016 (Oshtoora/Facebook)

    Thank you to the core team, our partners, volunteers and everyone who participated in Oshtoora. Your efforts, encouragement and participation made the last two years worthwhile. To new beginnings.’

    While the organisers’ decision to stay true to themselves and avoid sponsorship deals is noble, we’re very sad to see Oshtoora end, especially after the community it created of fellow music lovers, micro-businesses and creative arts.

    By Kalam El Qahaira