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  • Nacelle to Host Nile Project Gig this Month


    While House Sessions and B-Side continue to be pillars of Nacelle’s party-pushing exploits – with the newer Funk N Pop and Behind Closed Doors not far behind – it’s easy to forget that Nacelle‘s ambitions are much wider. Personally, one of the best Nacelle nights I can remember was 2014′s Crazy P gig – as cathartic as (good) electronic music can be, live music is a whole other beast.

    Funk N Pop aside, Nacelle’s live music events are few and far between, but this month, Tito and co are set to host the Nile Project for a very special night.

    Set to take place on Thursday 18th of February at Royal Club Mohamed-Aly, the gig will see the eclectic group arrive in Cairo following concerts in both the US and UAE, with musicians from Egypt, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda set to take to the stage as part of several appearances scheduled in Cairo.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the Nile Project – well, firstly, shame on you. Secondly, this ragtag group of musicians were brought together under the direction of Egyptian ethnomusicologist, Mina Girgis, and Ethiopian-American artist, Meklit Hadero, for a very particular reason. Following the very real idea that music can unite, the Nile Project aims to address and put a spotlight on the continuing geopolitical issues of the Nile Basin – not the most glamorous tale of music, but  critical one nonetheless. From a purely musical perspective, however, they’re just very, very good.

    For more information, click here.