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  • MFN Festival: Io & Nasty Brothers Are Heading to Nuweiba for Two-Day Music Fest


    When it comes to live music, the setting is just as important as anything; something that event organisers across Egypt are beginning to take note of, with several beach-side music festival having sprouted over the last year and a half or so. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining – we don’t need any excuse to go to spend time in Sinai, but the promise of music just sweetens the deal – something you’ll get plenty of at the Music for Now Festival.

    Organised by Io & Nasty Brothers, the two-day festival is set to take place on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of February at Nuweiba’s Maagana Camp and though the full line-up has yet to be announced, those that have been confirmed suggest that this is, as promised, shaping up to be a no-nonsense kind of music event - “No fluff, no filler. Just talented DJs…” reads a line on the festival’s Facebook event page. Said confirmed acts include one of the top female DJs in Egypt right now, Akladios, and the ever-enigmatic Sebzz, as well as US-based Egyptian-Lebanese duo, Cyril Bitar & Ahmed Elwan, aka Human Resources.

    They might not be the biggest name in the Middle East, but Human Resources have come to be known for the near-legendary parties on the West Coast, particularly CapsuleM LA, Clinic Wednesdays, and of course Minimal Effort, which is considered the premiere electronic music event in LA and curated by Bitar himself.

    So, yeah – in conclusion, this is one music event not to be missed. For more information, click here.