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  • Mawaweel 2014: Darb 1718′s Alternative Ramadan Experience


    As we move into the third week of Ramadan, lack of things to do during the evening outside of begrudgingly smoking a tasteless shisha at a tacky kheima has really started to get to us. Which is why we’re all rather grateful for the return of Ramadan festival, Mawaweel.

    Taking place on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of July, the cultural fest has plenty in store for Darb 1718.

    On the first two days, things kick-off with some traditional Ramadan entertainment in the form of dizzying tannoura and tahbeet performers. On Thursday, Hawidro Band and Tunisian songstress, Ghalia Benali perform - that latter of whom you may remember from Cairo Jazz Club's 2014 edition of the El Fusion series.

    On Friday, meanwhile, Sufi group, Mawlawiyah, perfrom, before popular Alexandrian band, Ashara Gharby take to the stage.

    With doors open between 8PM and 1AM on both days,, there's plenty for the senses to feast on, including food to eat, beverages to drink, knickknacks to buy and interactive arts to interact with, as well as Darb 1718's 'Salon Ramadan' Exhibition.

    Tickets are 40LE - for more info, click here.