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  • MasterPeace Playlist to Connect Cairo and Marrakesh


    Global grassroots peace movement, MasterPeace, will be holding their annual music festival – MasterPeace Playlist – in Cairo and Marrakesh this year. The event will kick off on April 16th  on the rooftop of the co-working space, The District, in Maadi.

    MasterPeace is an international community of social entrepreneurs, volunteers, writers, musicians, and other active citizens who connect and work together to fuel peace-building. Their music festivals aim to bring together countries-in-conflict (they’ve held them in Russia/Ukraine & Sudan/South Sudan) as well as to foster intercultural understanding through music (the purpose of this one). This year’s edition of MasterPeace Playlist hopes to bridge the gap between the two, culturally similar, but somewhat disconnected capital cities. 

    The festival, which will be held over three weeks, will offer a platform for hand-picked, underground, local artists to perform and be heard through a series of musical nights, happening in the two cities at exactly the same time. According to Daily News Egypt, all of the artists chosen will play music tackling the same themes within peace-building, such as conflict resolution, non-violence, and cultural collaboration, and there is a ban on music promoting sexism, racism, or violence.

    Applications for local musicians and bands to perform at MasterPeace are open online, and all musicians and bands are invited to apply here (deadline on the 4th of April). The events will will be free and are centred around raising and fostering cultural awareness, and connecting people through the power of music.