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  • Make Art, With War: Chic-Art-Resistance


    Like arts and culture in Cairo following the January 25th Revolution, arts in Palestine continue to flourish; it seems that conflict, death and other grave matters brings out the best of Arab creativity.

    Similarly to our local artists, their Palestinian peers are producing some of the best and most innovative art around, including Sami Musa and Mohammed Khatib.

    The pair's latest art project, Chic-Art-Resistance, uses Israeli ammunition and other weapons and tools used on both sides of the continuing conflict to create brilliant 3D artwork. Speaking to Al Arabiya, Khatib maintains that the project is as unpolitical as any other exhibition chanelling human emotion.

    "We came up with these art pieces which express our daily suffering. We've turned tools of murder used by the Israeli occupation against us into tools granting hope in life, liberation and independence."

    Chic-Art-Resistance is currently showing in Ramallah before moving onto Bethlehem later this month.