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  • HOH: Three of Egypt’s Top Musicians Team Up for Special Gig at the Music Tent


    We all often complain that Egypt’s contemporary bands and musicians aren’t being given a share of the spoils in this crazy thing we call the local music industry, but the last 18 months or so have seen the likes of Massar Egbari, Shady Ahmed, Wust El Balad, Hany Ramzy and other talented acts gain more and more visibility thanks to both a greater willingness by nightlife venues to host them and the emergence of more top-notch live music platforms, like the Music Tent.

    Having all risen from the underground scene, there’s a refreshing camaraderie between bands in Cairo and none more so than between Hany Adel of Wust El Balad, Hany El Dakkak of Massar Egabri and a man the man that many consider the best guitarist in Egypt, Ousso Lotfy, who are set to take to the stage together in a special gig at the Music Tent on Wednesday 9th of September.

    HOH (Hany, Ousso, Hany) as they have been cleverly named, are set to collaborate on a set-list that will pull from all three men’s separate musical careers and the concert only pays testament to the remarkable progress these guys and their respective bands.

    The gig also further cements the impact that the Music Tent has made on the local music scene since opening and the rest of 2015 has plenty in store at the New Cairo venue.

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    By Gemima Flashback