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  • Hero-glyphics: Artist Gives Superheroes Ancient Egyptian Make-Over


    Fuelled by the complex mythology of our Pharaonic forefathers, Josh Lane’s ‘Hero-glyphics‘ looks at the world of comic-book superheroes through the eyes of Ancient Egypt.

    Using everything from Star Trek to X-Men, the symbolism used in Ancient Egyptian art inspired the artist to adapt the likes of Captain Kirk and Wolverine to the front-on-body, side-profile-head depictions of figures conventionally used by Ancient Egyptian artisans.


    Lane elaborated about the collection to Designboom.com:

    “Like most of the work I do, this series was self initiated. I started them in late august last year I have always had an affinity for ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics – the Ancient Egyptians developed an elegant way to communicate their stories using minimalistic imagery and symbols. As a graphic designer and illustrator I try to do this same thing today.”


    “I wanted to pay tribute to this style by adding a modern twist of the things I love – which tend to be on the geeky side. When I started the project I knew I wanted to mimic the same kind of poses that early Egyptians had established.

    I enjoyed placing these modern characters into the poses that fit the character best. For example, I felt like Captain Kirk should be the one sitting on the ‘throne’ as if it were his captain’s chair and that in the X-Men piece I would have Wolverine kneeling before the representation of the most powerful mutant entity, the Phoenix.”


    “I soon found myself telling stories with background details and symbols. in the end I wanted to create a series that people could instantly relate to and enjoy on a couple different levels: the pop culture and the art history.”


    You can find more of Josh Lane’s work here.