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  • Gasping for theatre


    Tonight i ventured into an unknown world for me, well more like forgotten I use to attend play when i was back at university but havent been to the underground theatre for a while, so tonight headed to Rawabat theatre and watched a play called Gasping.

    The play itself is pure genius, i am not going to  ruin the details of the plot for you, but what i can tell you its a black comedy take on the idea of abundance of natural resources and commercializing it, like water, food crisis … they even took a take on Oil&Gas versus the automotive industry.  I left the play really thinking about what kind of world we live in? and how much is a person willing to sell their soul for money?

    But all seriousness aside, i couldnt stop laughing, Gasping is brought you by ACT (Alumni Community Theatre)  its a play by Ben Elton, staring Adham Zidan (Philip), Ali Nasser (chief),  Ahmed ‘tony’ Amer (Sandy) and Reem Kadry (Kirsten Carlton)

    the event page for it https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/259667100774606/ … 





    Also what the play made me think, more of the experience of heading down to Rawabat next to town house gallery, why dont we as a scene do more of this stuff ?  are we so stuck on our only activity being just partying ? or is there more to life than just partying ? or does both the theater scene and party scene dont mingle ?

    well either way i loved going and am planning on heading down more to see more plays!