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  • Egypt’s First Jinn Themed Horror Room


    Many of Egypt’s most reputable game rooms have four things in common: a story, a puzzle, a winning team, and a losing team. Decoded boasts an entirely different story. This new game room has recently opened its doors in Dokki, with horrifying characters lurking about in two of their rooms. They could be crawling at your feet, running towards you, and/or hiding right around the corner: what is completely certain is that these guys will literally scare the shit out of you. We bet after this experience, you will not be capable of sleeping again, without turning the lights on.

    The first room is called “Sha2a 13.” Its story revolves around a girl and her father, “Sheikh Mosa’ad,” who have just moved to a new apartment, where the father practices sorcery and communicates with “Jinn.” One day, one of the “jinn” breaks free from the sheikh, and “byrkab bento.” After which, the daughter slaughters her father. The neighbors have been hearing loud screams, and weird languages being spoken at dawn (4 AM); five of these neighbours decide to investigate the apartment. However, they only have one hour before “Jinn” takes over their bodies. For 3-6 people, you pay 600 LE and you get one hour “abl ma tetlbes.”

    “El-Mashr7a” tells a very different story. It is about a man who is dissecting a dead body to determine the cause of his mysterious death. As he is dissecting it, a “Jinn” appears from the dead body and kidnaps him. After his fellow colleagues notice his long absence, they decide to check up on him, and realize that he is nowhere to be found. They eventually decide to close down the morgue, and no one has dared to step inside again. For 2-5 people, this room costs 500 LE.

    Rumor also has it that a third room will soon be open soon!

    Call this number 01032760171 for more information and reservations.