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  • Egypt’s Creatives Are Taking on the Egyptian Currency Design Challenge


    We’ve often spoken on Cairo Gossip about the amount of creative talent Egypt’s brimming with and it’s things like the Egyptian Currency Design Challenge that prove it most. The Facebook page, which emerged just days ago, is challenging Egyptians to come up with new, innovative designs for Egypt’s paper money, with entrees taking on everything from the recently resurrected 1LE note, to the 200LE note – and some of them are rather cool.

    Maged Sabry
    Designed by Maged Sabry

    ecdec Alaa Medley
    Designed by Alaa Medley

    ecdc Ahmed Soudan
    Designed by Ahmed Soudan

    The page presents the challenge as nothing more than a bit of fun in light of the Egyptian pound being floated, but the page has already experience some bizarre backlash; many Facebook users condemning a perceived lack of Islamic elements in the designs that have been posted, while others have condemned it for being anti-government. Go figure.

    Alaa Medleyy
    Designed by Alaa Medley

    ecdc Designed by Ahmed Yahya
    Designed by Ahmed Yehya

    Undeterred, the page has, in its very short lifespan, gathered tens of thousands of followers as well as several interesting adaptations and interpretations, some of which touch on both Egypt’s ancient and modern history, as well as the country’s rich cultural history. The page has reportedly received tens more, but will be rolling them out steadily.

    Mirna Mikhail
    Designed by Mirna Mikhal

    ecdc Designed by Mostapha Abu Bakr
    Designed by Mostapha Abu Bakr

    For more information, check out the Egyptian Currency Challenge Facebook page.

    By Kalam El Qahaira